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Pachamama Forest following the 10 Principals of the One Planet Initiative

Pachamama has decided to follow the 10 important steps set by the One Planet Initiative in order to continue to ensure that we remain carbon neutral. This initative purpose is to Focus, Aim and Inspire companies to act in a sustainable manner.

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Pachamama Partnership with the Decade on Biodiversity 2011-2020

Pachamama is proud to be an official partner of the United Nations Decade of Biodiversity and the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020; a global strategy for plant conservation aiming to reduce the loss of natural habitat by 2020
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Reforestation is the Answer

Addressing the problems caused by the winter season, the government and the private sector have called attention to this activity. Incentives are offered.

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The Colombian Cerrado

(Note: 'Cerrado' is a large tropical savanna in Brazil that was initially thought infertile but subsequently converted into highly-productive areas for agriculture and livestock)

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What's Missing is the Vichada

A vast plain that begins in Puerto López (Meta) and extends for about six million hectares is emerging as the new agricultural frontier of Colombia.

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EU set to ban illegal timber from 2012

Timber Investment: Illegally logged timber being marked (Image: PA) The EU hopes the ban will slow global deforestation rates.

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Draft biodiversity accord finalized at UN meeting in Colombia and Forestry investment

30 March 2010 – After a week of intensive discussions and six weeks of preparation...

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Can Colombia's rich biodiversity escape to cooler altitudes?

The obvious question is: Why? The important question is: What next? Two days of meetings at the Humboldt Institute...