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Pachamama are forest project developers committed to providing high quality timber products and environmental services to the global market. With a solid environmental commitment and social integrity.

Pachamama Forest is developing projects with positive environmental impacts that maximize efficiency in resource use by utilizing state of the art forestry practices and technologies.

With growing populations and increased standards of living, demand for hardwood timber will continue to increase. Sustainably sourced timber will play a crucial role in meeting the demand as countries are now beginning to protect the remaining forests. Restrictions on timber trade as well as environmental policies aimed at reducing deforestation due to climate change will have an effect over the timber market by increasing the price of sustainably sourced timber products.

Part of our mission is also to ensure that Pachamama Forest operates in an ethical sustainable manner. We do not believe in exploiting endogenous people and claiming social responsibility. Pachamama Forest has staff that live in homes on site should they so choose which are provided by Pachamama allowing them to have a sense of community as well as permanent housing.

2011-2020 United Nations Decade on Biodiversity