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Pachamama Forest is developing four different projects simultaneously. Contained within each site are several different species which will form part of current and future investment opportunities.

A brief overview of our four project sites are as follows:

Coyote Project

AntEater Project

12 Monkeys Project

Caiman Project

Pachamama strategically selects sites that utilise natural fire barriers

(rivers and primary forests)

Other services provided by Pachamama Forest Ltd include:

1) Partnerships: Pachamama Forest offers “broker services” to local producers, to allow smaller companies access to global markets. Partnerships in governance will come in the form of entering all of our conservation land into 'SINAP', A System of Protected Areas in the National Park Grid of Colombia.

2) Carbon mitigation: We aim to grow the size of our plantations alone to over 6000 hectares creating effective “carbon banks” to remove carbon out of the atmosphere and lock it away. Half the total weight of a tree is carbon and with over 6,000,000 trees planned, that’s a lot of carbon!

3) Education: Pachamama understands that a shift in people’s attitudes begins with education them on the value of standing forests. We have several outlets for educating the local people, where indigenous peoples own 65% of the land. Not only do they provide moisture to water crops but also provide habitats for food sources, which they directly rely on.

Pachamama has begun school program annually where all proceeds from thinnings and final felling so directly to the school to promote education and higher education. We also offer local farmers and producers, environmentally friendly and sustainable methods to farming while educating people on the value of standing forests.

2011-2020 United Nations Decade on Biodiversity