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Water Conservation

Pachamama Forest is vision for water conservation can be summed up in two words, Future Security. Pachamama Forest does not irrigate our plantations. Pachamama is against pumping vitally important rivers or aquifers for irrigation. Nature has shown the most effective way of irrigation and we follow the natural system.

Forests in the southern hemisphere create its own moisture through transpiration. All Pachamama property consists of natural forests combined with savannah. Our forest engineers will reforest low-lying land suitable for regeneration through assisted regeneration creating a cycle of transpiration.

Modern day irrigation techniques of pumping water out of the ground aquifers with electric pump faster than they can recharge leads to several major problems including diseased water quality, ground subsidence, etc.

Our properties have several watersheds that will be protected and left untouched. These sheds provide vital water supply and habitat for several endangered species in the area.

2011-2020 United Nations Decade on Biodiversity